FZIQUE, What is it?  

At FZIQUE, we believe in the party of life, and we practice what we preach. We dance on bikes, unleash our inhibitions and chant in the dark. We lock onto our handlebars, engage our core and let the rhythm of the music take control.

New space, new look, new everything

We’re so excited about our new space and you in on our cycles! Our current schedule offers 12 classes per week. Experience our world class service and celebrate as we push to our Grand Opening (10.26.17). Our founder, Gwadué Bossuah of Miami South Beach fame wants to be your gateway into the dawn where music and life collide. Join him for a class and perhaps you will want to join our team of fitness gurus who know how to party on a bike!

Class Schedule September- October 31,17.

Monday -6AM & 6PM

Tuesday – 9AM & 9PM

Wednesday – 6AM & 6PM

Thursday – 9AM & 9PM

Friday- 6AM & 6PM

Saturday- 10AM

Sunday- 10AM 


How do I get to FZIQUE?

We are located in the 616LOFTS building – 740 Michigan St. NE Grand Rapids, MI sandwiched between 7Monks Tap House and Birch Lodge

Where can I park?

We offer 20 parking spaces on the back of the building with a back entrance into the studio. There are also spaces in front of the building.  In case of a high traffic class hour; you may also can park in the Mid-Town surrounding neighborhood.

 How early should I come to class?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to get checked in, properly settled on your bike, and acclimated to all that’s essential to rockin’ out your first class!

 Do I need special shoes?

All of our cycles are equipped to accept Shimano SPD clip shoes.  If you need, we offer various shoe sizes for $3 rental, both for women and men.

How much are classes?

We offer monthly memberships and à la carte menu of options.

Monthly Memberships

(payment on file for auto pay)

$150.00 Premier Membership | 3 visits per week

$100.00 Standard Membership | 2  visits per week

$65.00 Mini Membership | 1  visit  per week

À la carte

$26.00 single class drop in

$80.00 4 class pack

$130 8 class pack 


How to reserve my class ahead of time

  1. Download our app or create your profile online at com/join
  2. Walk-in (no more than 10 minutes before class starts)
  3. Our instructors will offer instructions needed to Rock Your class.

 What should I wear? 

FZIQUE is your time to escape and enjoy the party, so wear what you are most comfortable moving, rocking and dancing in. We advise you avoid wide-leg pant. Our tribe usually comes in tights or shorts with a tank, shirt, or sports bra.

Do you have water?

Our filtered drinking fountains are also available for you to fill up your own bottle and we have a cage on the bike!  If you forget your bottle we have ice cold Fiji in our fridge for purchase.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do have individual cubby space for coats and personal items.  At present, we trust our clients and friends without offering lockable lockers.

 Will I be able to keep up? Haven’t worked out in a while.

Yes! Everyone is encouraged to work at a pace they are comfortable. Our Rockstar instructors inspire and motivate you into the groove.  We know once you get into the music your nirvana will set the pace.

How many calories will I burn during class?

You can expect to burn between 550-900 calories within each class.

What should I eat or drink before a class?

You need fuel to burn! Try a healthy snack that is high in carbs 30-40 minutes prior to your FZIQUE party.  Water is essential so be sure to drink a lot of it before, during and after your class. After all, the human body is about 60% water… Trust us, we checked.

I still have more questions!

Please feel free to email myfzique@fziquelife.com if you still have any questions. We will be happy to answer those for you!