How do I get to the new pop-up location?

That’s easy! We are located near the Downtown Market.  Our address is 400 Ionia Ave SW Unit 4, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Our entrance is on the north side of the building, off a one way street (this is technically Wealthy Street SW). If you spot windows that say MIND BODY CARDIO you are in the right spot and our door is just to the left of those windows.


Where can I park?

There is free parking along Ionia Ave and Wealthy St. Some of the parking on Ionia Ave is meter regulated; however, The City of Grand Rapids enforces parking meters Monday through Friday 8am-6pm and unless marked otherwise, the meters are free outside this timeframe. You’re in luck, as most of our classes occur outside this time!  You may also choose to use the Downtown Market parking lot, but this lot will charge users who are parked for over 30 minutes.


How early should I come to class?

Our doors will close and be locked 3 minutes prior to class, we suggest you arrive a few minutes to get checked in, settled on your bike, and get focused on rocking your class!


Can I borrow shoes from FZIQUE?

We have limited quantities and sizes available for rent. Effective February 6, 2017 all shoe rentals will be $3/class. You can save 10% off the purchase of your own shoes at West Michigan Bike & Fitness by mentioning you are a member of the FZIQUE tribe.


If I buy shoes, what should I get? What kind of clip should I get?

When purchasing shoes you want to look for a mountain shoe, not a road shoe. A mountain bike shoe has a cleat that is embedded in the shoe which allows you to walk in the studio with them on.  You will need SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clip to be compatible with our pedals.


How much are classes?

Classes are $12.00/each and are pay as you go. Purchased a 139 Unlimited grandfathered package?  Don’t worry, an exception applies to those of you with this package.


Do I have to reserve my class ahead of time?

Yes please! We suggest you booking your bike as soon as you have plans to come in.


My class got canceled, how come?

Will I get compensated for this class cancellation? FZIQUE has a class minimum of 4 people, which is another great reason to book ahead of time. If there is less than 4 people registered in the class 2 hours prior to the start time we will call or email you at that time. Please make sure we have your best contact number on file, our staff can always help you double check you have a number on file.


What should I wear?

FZIQUE is your time to escape and enjoy the party, so wear what you are most comfortable moving, rocking and dancing in. We advise you avoid wide-leg pant. Our tribe usually comes in tights or shorts with a tank, shirt, or sports bra.


Do you have water?

Yes. You may purchase a water at the studio if you forget. Drinking fountains are also available for you to fill up your own bottle!


Do you have lockers?

No, we do not have individual lockers that lock in our pop-up space. But don’t worry, we have a space for your shoes, coats and anything else you may have and it will be safe.


How does it work once I’m there?

Well, you already made the best decision of your day, so once you’re here the fun can begin. Please check in when you arrive and let our tribe leader know you are new. They will help you get set up and comfortable on the bike and go over anything you may need to know. Then let the music take over and have fun!


Will I be able to keep up? Haven’t worked out in a while.

Yes! Everyone is encouraged to work at a pace they are comfortable. Our classes are high-intensity so once the music starts pumping you will automatically feel inspired to get that booty into gear. If you feel faint or exhausted we suggest you sit down or slow down, but don’t stop! (In case of an emergency, make eye contact with your tribe leader and indicate you are having a problem.)


Do you offer a beginner class?

We do not offer a beginner class at this time. FZIQUE classes are created for all abilities and fitness levels and you will be able to personalize your experience slightly to make sure you feel comfortable. You are in control of your own bikes resistance and may chose the difficulty of your upper body work by adjusting your medicine ball weight. You may find some of the moves difficult at first, but once you begin to move with the rhythm and embrace the beat you will feel great. Easy does make us strong, persistence does.


How many calories will I burn during class?

You can expect to burn between 500-800 calories within each class.



Do you provide childcare?

FZIQUE does not provide childcare. We apologize; but rumor has it that parents riding with us leave happy and say that carving out time for their own health sets a great example for little ones.


What should I eat or drink before a class?

You need fuel to burn! Try a healthy snack that is high in carbs 30-40 minutes prior to your FZIQUE party.  Water is essential so be sure to drink a lot of it before, during and after your class. After all, the human body is about 60% water… Trust us, we checked.


I still have more questions!

Please feel free to email kennedy@fziquelife.com if you still have any questions. We will be happy to answer those for you!